JuniperMarket values your values

Highlighting JuniperMarket’s values-based initiatives to demonstrate our commitment to commerce as a force for good.


Introducing RISE

Our goal is to bring new voices and perspectives to wholesale – empowering retailers to stock their shelves with products from women-owned businesses. Together, we can use commerce as a force for good. Together, we will RISE.

RISE is a curated collection of women-owned lifestyle brands across all categories of beauty, home, fashion accessories, stationery, gifts and more. All new to Market, RISE will feature over a dozen brands led by female makers and artisans selling products with values that matter – such as cruelty-free, eco-friendly, handmade, vegan and more.

it’s time to dial up women power

Start by shopping some women-owned brands on JuniperMarket. And YES! -- you’ll find more of them on JuniperMarket every week. ‘Cause why stop at great when we can always make room for more?!

left leaves right leaves

We’d love for you to get to know and support these businesses year-round. You can also continue to find commonality of purpose and product with other businesses that share your values: BIPOC, AAPI, LGBTQ, sustainability and more.


Million entrepreneurs worldwide are female1


of women go looking to buy women-made products2


New businesses are launched by women daily in the U.S.3


of new businesses opened daily are held by women of color4

bts – info, events and the inside skinny

Here’s where you’ll find the back story, the behind-the-scenes, the upcoming events. IYKYSITK  (If You Know, You’ll Shop in the Know.)

Women-Owned Instagram Live Series
Women-Owned Instagram Live Series
Women-Owned Instagram Live Series
HubSpot Video

merging our message & mission

With the acquisition of Dough earlier this year, JuniperMarket has front-paged our commitment to providing an avenue for all those buyers and sellers seeking to make a social impact with their values-based and mission-driven products. (Yes – there are a LOT of us!)


Vanessa Bruce
VP, Social Impact - Women Owned, Juniper by IMC

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