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Shop the brands you know and trust and some fabulous new finds to create a retail environment that is uniquely yours
Shop, browse and purchase products after attending physical Markets
Develop and maintain relationships with brands you know and love
Shop across all categories of gifts, home décor and furniture

Thousands of brands and millions of SKUs

Maintain a profile for fast, secure ordering
Net 60 terms and discounted shipping (coming soon)

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The energy and excitement of going to Market is both its hallmark and its success, and now JuniperMarket allows you to enhance that experience. Regardless of your store type, you can access thousands of brands and millions of SKUs on our digital marketplace coming soon! Pre-register early to be the first to discover new products and resources online, year-round.

We’re looking forward to seeing you on JuniperMarket. Come and experience all the things that we bring you at a show all year.”

Doug Coffiell, CEOIvystone

It’s kind of a revolutionary idea and we’re excited to be a pioneer working with IMC on JuniperMarket. 

Herren Hickingbotham, OwnerPark Hill

[If] you aren’t able to make it to Market, you’ll be able to find us on Juniper[Market], where you’ll be able to tour all of our wonderful products and our different collections.”

Andrea Padilla, National Sales ManagerTranspac

As we’re growing, we’re always adding different SKUs. On JuniperMarket, they can see those as they’re added, even before the rep gets them in front of them.”

Scott Diaz, National Sales ManagerTremont Floral
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